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Apache CXF ( distribution comes with a large set of examples.
However, I did not find one to access a publicly available web service. I have created one:

This demo accesses a publicly available wsdl:

To run the wsdl_second demo:

1. Extract the zip file so "wsdl_second" is parallel to the "wsdl_first" that comes with the distribution.

2. connect the PC to the internet

3. Assuming the distribution is extracted to:


Execute the command "ant client" at:


You should see a response from the web service, Celcius value for the Farenheit value specified in the file

I followed the following steps to run wsdl_first on my Windows XP Professional:

  1. Download from

  2. I used JDK6.

  3. I used Ant 1.6.5.

  4. Unzip (say C:\apache\apache-cxf-2.0.5-incubator\ )
    Set all the Windows environment variables as described in:C:\apache\apache-cxf-2.0.5-incubator\samples\README

  5. Create a new directory called endorsed like:

    C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_05\jre\lib\endorsed

  6. Follow the jdk6 special instruction ( (If using a Java 6 kit, you may need to copy the jaxb*.jar, saaj*.jar, jaxws*.jar jars from the C:\apache\apache-cxf-2.0.5-incubator\lib dir to your newly created C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_05\jre\lib\endorsed directory)

  7. Open a new cmd window and cd to:
    C:\apache\apache-cxf-2.0.5-incubator\samples\java_first_pojoand issue

    “ant server”

    Open another new cmd window and cd to:
    C:\apache\apache-cxf-2.0.5-incubator\samples\java_first_pojoand issue

    “ant client”

    The client window should now display a greeting message.

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